​​​​Earth is thought to be in the early stages of a Sixth Mass Extinction, caused by the actions of a single species: our own. November 9th is a chance to learn and tell the stories of species and habitats lost to human activity, and to renew commitments to protecting our planet’s biodiversity.

Potluck and Remembrance Ceremony


Soil Born Farm


'Grief is not a form of negotiation with Death, it is a courageous, generous and beautiful Love letter to Life'. Azul Thome

About Us

Shelly Covert

Shelly Covert is the Spokesperson for the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe. She sits on the Tribal Council and is community outreach liaison. She is also the Executive Director of the locally based, non-profit, the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project; or CHIRP for short. CHIRP's mission is to preserve, protect and perpetuate Nisenan Culture. The Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribal members are the direct, lineal descendants of the original indigenous people who were here before the Gold Rush. Their homelands lay within the Bear and Yuba River watersheds and all Tribal members remain in their ancestral homelands today. While Shelly identifies with and lives in her Grandfather's ancestral territory of the Foothill Nisenan, her Grandmother is Southern Nisenan and Miwok identifying with the Sacramento valley and Eastern Foothills. The Nevada City Rancheria was terminated in 1964 and their reservation was sold. The Tribe has started a campaign for Federal restoration. You can find letters of support and ways to assist the Tribe in their efforts on their website at www.nisenan.org.

Andrew McLeod

Andrew McLeod is a Sacramento native who caught the local history bug. His lifelong interests in cooperative economics and topography sparked an interest in Sacramento’s long history of radical economic organizing, which stretches all the way back to the Gold Rush.


Megan Cannon

Megan Cannon is passionate about honoring the full spectrum of feelings we humans have for the world. She loves swimming in rivers, following the cycles of the moon, and facilitating community gatherings. She lives in Sacramento and works as a clinical social worker with an emphasis in ecotherapy. 


Erin Reschke

Erin is committed to culture repair and deep nature connection.  She weaves these elements through her work as an architect, urban designer and permaculturist. She grateful for opportunities to find and know her urban plant and animal neighbors and share these relationships with her one-year old.